Saturday, September 11, 2010

Water Generator

                                                                          AIR TO H2O
Create your own continuous supply of hot or cold Pure Drinking water from Air!


An evolutionary and innovative Air to H2O Purifier or Atmospheric Water Generator, using the latest technology that makes "Pure, Clean and Healthy" drinking H2O from Air, before it's affected by any harmful contaminants. Superior to any existing Drinking Water Purification System, with an enhanced, power-saving and environmentally friendly design, with existing office layouts & designs.

3-in-one Function of Atmospheric Water Generator,Water & Air Purifier , Air Dehumidifier  Cold & Hot System Clean fresh water and cleaner air.Provides purified and good tasting water through a 6-State Filtration System and UV Lamp.
A healthier and more comfortable environment..Condenses water from air and deposits into the reservoir tank, reducing air humidity.Convenient choice - hot or cold WATER FROM AIR instantly...
Purified, fresh and good tasting hot & cold water always ready to drink, and that too from AIR!

How it works?

Our Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) are creating a new standard in the production of quality drinking water for human consumption by utilizing nature's own hydrologic system. Air is drawn through an electrostatic & carbon air filter in Air to Water Generator (AWG) and is continuously cleaned before being condensed into pure water by passing through 6 stages of hot & cold UF/UV filters and uses UV and UF for complete removal of harmful organic substances.


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