Monday, September 6, 2010

Floating city

Who hasn’t imagined living on their very own floating paradise? For those aboard .
Freedom Ship (upon its completion) will take floating cities to a new level and if the Living Residensea Floating Cruise Ship Condos'Prices are predictably high, ranging from 2.5 to 7.5 million dollars to own on-board condo .spaces. Activities and amenities on board include swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts, a library, health spa, fitness center and even golf greens. Sure, it sounds a lot like a cruise ship, but it is also a full-time residence (and even tax haven) for many on-board.

The Freedom Ship project is a serious step up from ResidenSea but also unbuilt as of yet, though 1/5 of the on-board living units have already been sold. The concept? A mile-long,Energy self-sufficient floating city with absolutely everything included from parks and playgrounds to apartments, businesses, schools, casinos and shopping malls. It will also be fully networked for phone and internet communications. Rather than docking, aircraft will land to resupply the ship and deposit and pick up residents. At 25 stories high the ship would accommodate 40,000 full-time residents and 60,000 total occupants

More than a floating paradise this is designed to be a fully functioning and essentially autonomous city of relatively uniform architecture. Though funding is still needed, signs still point to the
eventual completion of this ocean-going wonderland.


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