Friday, September 10, 2010

Air Purifier

  1. This air purifier is the most unique room air purifier available!  In addition to PlasmaPure's HEPA filter, the powerful PLASMA deodorization system works at lightning speed to remove impurities from the air.   PlasmaPure  can even detect and neutralize dust, pollen and odors!
  2. Smart Sensors Automatically Control PlasmaPure While you Sleep
  3. PlasmaPure's sensors are engineered to detect concentrations of odors (from pets, infants, cooking) and dust particles (household dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold spores) in the air. Once the sensors detect these contaminants, they adjust the inverter-controlled fan motor accordingly. The odor sensor is exceptionally sensitive to cleaning chemicals, formaldehyde, ammonia, NOx gas, and other smelling compounds. The microdust sensor, a technical marvel, is able to detect particles unseen by the naked eye, including pollen. The sensor uses an optical system with a light emitting diode (LED) through which the presence of tiny airborne particles are picked up.
  4. Long-Life Filters and Energy Efficient Operation Save you Money
  5. A combination of filter replacement and energy consumption costs make up the total operating costs. PlasmaPure's annual filter replacement costs average to $15 per year. to three times the operating costs of PlasmaPure.
  6. PlasmaPure is Safe, Powerful and Quiet
  7. The mini-blades on PlasmaPure's sirocco fan are engineered to produce powerful yet quiet air distribution.It is suitable for rooms up to 233 square feet.
  8. Portable and Elegant Design Fits into any Room in Your Home
  9. Mitsubishi Electric utilizes the latest in injection molding technology to produce precise shapes, including rounded corners and elegant bends. More importantly each molded component is designed to fit together with exactness and no gaps, therefore creating less vibration for a more quiet and reliable performance.
  10. Remote Control Provides Convenient and Fun Operation
  11. There are several operating options: Remote Control, Timer Function, AUTO, or manual fan speeds (in MIN, LOW, MED, HIGH, MAX). In AUTO mode smart sensors tell PlasmaPure when to activate various fan speeds. The hand-held remote really comes in handy to operate the unit from across the room. The Timer lets you tell the unit to turn off after 1, 2, or 4 hours of time. You can even select the sensitivity of the sensors. Activate the POLLEN GUARD if you want faster removal of pollen from the room!



  1. this sounds like a pretty nice purifier; it's a lot more than an air filter. I might even get it; i've been fearful of an air quality problem in my place for a while. Chronically breathing dust laden air can cause health problems, and i feel like i've started noticing some of the early signs.

    fascinating blog!

  2. Air purifiers aren't so popular in our country, although God knows we need it. I also checked one of your ads, the airwave indoor air quality cleaner, it’s almost the same as this feature that you have. Great post!

  3. Though I must admit, we need this air purifier in our country, but there's a minimal market that i have seen. Really an interesting post.