Sunday, September 5, 2010

Non-Contact Thermometer

World's First Non-Contact Thermometer

A company called Kidz-Med, Inc. has launched a new thermometer called, "Thermofocus", claiming it as the first thermometer to take accurate body temperature readings without touching the body.

Thermofocus is a state of the art ‘no touch’ thermometer invented to take accurate body temperature without touching the skin. By aiming the thermometer's lights exactly in the middle of the baby's forehead you can take their temperature, even as they sleep. You won’t hassle your child or patient with uncomfortable or invasive procedures. Using the Thermofocus is as simple as aiming, holding it in place and pressing a button.

The Thermofocus can easily be used to gauge the temperature of food, baths, formula, and the nursery.
Why a Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer?

The Thermofocus is easy, fast and accurate. There isn’t a better way to take a temperature. You can easily take the temperature of your child without even waking them up thanks to Neverwake technology.

Traditional oral and rectal thermometers, while accurate, require you to disturb the patient, and when dealing with a sick or fussy child taking their temperature this way can be a long struggle for both you and the child.

Ear thermometers are easier than traditional thermometers but still require you to disturb the child, not to mention the expense and hassle of buying and changing probe covers. Other factors such as an ear infection or ear wax may skew the accuracy of a tympanic (ear) thermometer.

The Thermofocus Infrared Thermometer can take readings from the forehead, armpit or naval allowing for fast, touch-free, and more accurate readings.

Use the Thermofocus to keep you child safe by making sure their food and formula isn’t overheated, or take the temperature of the nursery to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for your child.
Other benefits

    * 5-1 thermometer can be used on your child, food, formula, bath, and the nursery.
    * Non-invasive, non-irritating.
    * Affordable
    * The first non-contact clinical thermometer
    * Uses totally harmless and safe infrared technology
    * 9 memory function
    * Used and recommended by pediatricians everywhere
    * FDA approved
    * Takes forehead, navel or armpit readings
    * Fahrenheit or Celsius digital LED display
    * Over 10,000 readings using 4 AAA batteries (not included)
    * Instantaneous accurate readings
    * Totally hygienic needing no expensive probe covers
    * Accurate to within +/- 0.4°F with normal usage
    * Easily read ambient temperature and that of other objects as well
    * Patented global technology

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