Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fragrance Through Internet

Japan's NTT Communications employee displays the prototype model of a 'Mobile Fragrance Communication Emitter' (R) during a preview in Tokyo. Users of the Mobile Fragrance Communication Emitter can download fragrances recipes from the company's server using their mobile phones and then send them via infrared signal to the emitter containing 16 fragrance capsules. (AFP)

Multimedia is entering a new dimension. Our eyes and ears are already exposed to digital text, photos, sounds, and videos. Now digital media are about to grab our noses as well. Recording and playing the scent of roses from your garden and of buns from your local bakery may soon become as easy as taking and showing digital photos.Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new device, which records odours and later reproduces them. Just point the device to a rose, for example, and it will record the emanating odour. The device analyzes smells through 15 sensors, records the odour's composition in digital format, and then reproduces the scent by mixing 96 non-toxic chemicals and vaporizing the result.

And this technology has undergone severe tests also. . During lunch hours, a fragrance of orange and lemon was released and during dinner time, a lime scent was emitted. The test was intended to see whether the scents attracted more customers than the usual, that is when the scent was not released, and also to see which one of the scents worked better. The test was conducted hoping that the olfactory stimuli being provided would lure the customers at the mall, to enter the pub.The test was also conducted at some movie theatres in Tokyo and Osaka, where the scents were emitted during the show, the test proved to be very successful. The theatres were packed during the time when the scents were emitted and less otherwise.

If you want to purchase the fragrance technology for your industry or home, it is now possible. The technology can be downloaded from the site of NTT and then uploaded on the site of aromageur, which is the dispenser of the fragrance. Several enchanting smells like lavender, pepper mint, chocolate etc are available for a cost.



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